GradusOne is a service that helps high school students, post secondary students, and recent graduates discover their career path. The group approached us with interest in creating a promotional video to speak to the values of their service. The main goal was to generate curiosity in learning about the service with a high sharibility factor. We produced a spot that related to the situation of being "lost" on your career journey.

Directed by Jeremy Mamisao
Cinematography Julian Giordano
Artem Palchevskiy
Assistant Director Samantha Derochie
Editing Jeremy Mamisao
Julian Giordano
Sound Design Julian Giordano
VFX Jeremy Mamisao
Artem Palchevskiy
Samantha Derochie
Special Thanks Adrian Jacobs
San Aung

Voice Over Graydon Child
Talent Nick Preston
Daniela Tempesta
Robbie Sebullen
Linda Olofsson
Ishaan Thiara
Sam Thiara
Gracelle Mesina
Sanjay Behal
Carman Tsang
Manisha Narula
Sasha Rudenko

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