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8 Reasons Not To Smoke

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Among all ethnic groups in Canada, the Chinese community has been identified as having the highest percentage of smokers. Working with the Institute for HEART+LUNG Health, we created a list video to communicate the risks of smoking. This is the English translated version.

Directed by Jeremy Mamisao
Cinematography Julian Giordano
Artem Palchevskiy
Assistant Director Samantha Derochie
Screenplay Jeremy Mamisao
Duncan Crawford
Graydon Child
Edited By Samantha Derochie
Julian Giordano
Colour Grading Julian Giordano
Samantha Derochie
Motion Graphics Samantha Derochie

Starring Chris - Adriel Tam
Jessica - Sunny Mimi Chen
Young Woman - Krystal Wong
Date - Meng Shen
Server - Jonathan Chan
Mother - Jing Liu
Robber - Julian Giordano
Additional Talent Bus Stop Patrons - Julia Wolff, Justin Chow, Artem Palchevskiy, Sanghee Nam, Maria Giron
Students Taking Exam - Jessica Shum, Baron Lam, Zafar Zafari, Tania Conte, Michael Tang, Serena Small, Samantha Derochie
Music "Boogich Bulgar" - The Freak Fandango Orchestra
"Battle (Normal)" - BoxCat Games
"Rolands Vegners" - Ergo Phizmiz & Margita Zalite

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