We provide creative and video production services to help your organization excel.

We specialize in creating marketing strategies and applying them to video. Once we’re clear about your goals and the story you want to tell, we get to work on making video content in one of the following formats.

Promotional Video

We all desire our products, services, or causes to be further recognized. Promotional videos are the best way to communicate to your audience why they should care. These often involve interviews and coverage of relevant product shots or event footage.

Explainer Video

Want to ensure everyone gets the big idea of your business? The optimal way to explain your venture is through an explainer video. These provide the “Aha!” moments to your viewers either through live video, animation, or a combination of both.


Commercials grab your audience’s attention, deliver them your message, and influence them to take action. Funny, action-packed, emotional, or just plain memorable, we’ll figure out what works best for your audience, and deliver a creative piece that won’t go unnoticed.

Our services, an overview.

Our projects start with an ideation and writing stage, then follow with production. However some projects might need one of the below services offered independently, which we’re happy to deliver.

Creative Services

You might have a great idea for a video, an okay idea, or maybe no idea at all. No matter what stage you’re at, we’re happy to jump in and work with you. We’ll develop strategies and concepts to best communicate to your ideal viewer.

Video Production

We host an array of talented and experienced filmmakers equipped with skills in multiple areas, including: direction, cinematography, lighting, and audio. Whether you need a single videographer, a small team, or a larger crew, we’re ready for the job.


Your video should look and sound just as great as your idea. We edit, colour correct/grade, sound design, and provide visual effects to make your video look more professional. We can provide individual services if you just need a certain aspect of post-production done.

Motion Graphics & Animation

Motion graphics or animated video may be the best way to explain your message. We specialize in crafting engaging graphics, whether it’s animation integrated on top of live video, infographic style, or with animated characters.

Event Coverage

We provide everything from documenting a single speaker to full coverage of a conference. If you’re throwing an event and want to capture the mood, we’ll create a highlight reel, which translates well to content that you can use to advertise your future events.

Live Webcasting

Throwing an event and want to show the world? We live broadcast events in real-time, whether it’s to a private audience or for a larger audience to see.

Voiceover & Narration

We have professional equipment and voice talent available to record audio for your videos, events, or radio commercials. We’ll write you a script, or take your existing script and bring it to life.

Subtitling & Translation

Projects often need to be understood and accessible to a variety of people. We can subtitle your videos for YouTube or DVD, with the option to hard code them onto the video files. We also possess the capacity to translate and apply subtitles in different languages.

Video Optimization

You have invested a ton of time into creating your content, now let’s ensure that everyone sees it. We can provide an extra push to your videos across social media such as YouTube or Facebook, and work with you on strategies to maximize reach across the web.

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